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Welcome to Antiquariaat Isis.
Recently acquired books.
ABAELARDUS, PETRUS, LUSCOMBE, D.E. - Peter Abelard's Ethics. An edition with introduction, English translation and notes.
144 pp. Cloth + dustjacket. (OMT)
ABAELARDUS, PETRUS, HELLEMANS, B.S., (ed.) - Rethinking Abelard. A collection of critical essays.
(XII) 356 pp. Hardcover. (BSIH, 229)
ABAELARDUS, PETRUS - Theologia Summa Boni. Theologia Scholarium. Cura et studio E.M. Buytaert et J. Mews.
613 pp. Cloth. (Opera Theologica, 3, Corpus Christianorum, 13)