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Welcome to Antiquariaat Isis.
Recently acquired books.
PLATO, HANKINS, J. - Plato in the Italian Renaissance. 2 volumes.
XXXII) 366, (X) 367-847 pp. Cloth. Illustrations. (CSCT, 17.1, 17.2) Euro 200.00
VALLA, LORENZO - On pleasure. De voluptate. Translated by A. Kent Hieatt and Maristella Lorch. Introduction by Maristella de Panizza Lorch.
417 pp. Cloth. (IAHI, 69) Latin-English text. Euro 195.00
MOJSISCH, B. , PLUTA, O., (Hrsg.) - Historia philosophiae medii aevi. Studien zur Geschichte der Philosophie des Mittelalters. Complete in 2 volumes.
(XXXVI) 560, (IV) 561-1163 pp. Cloth. Euro 125.00